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TIL that Networking as a concept didn't exist until the Seventies. By the Nineties it was popularized, and in use in a business setting. Later it was adapted to as the Internet created 'Social' Networking.

However, if you look at the term itself... Social Networking would in terms, be descriptive of society itself. Social Networking existed BEFORE Facebook. Before MySpace. Before the advent of the Internet at all.
The entire purpose of a Network (or Networking) is to lend to an end-goal mutually. This means that if Social Networking is in existence, it has been occurring since before the term was made. Social Networking is not an 'Internet Activity'.

To me...I wonder why. The term has always bothered me and after thinking about it way too hard I realized it's probably because of the need for professionalism and business decorum on what was intended to be a 'Social' site.

So what does it all mean? There's a reason so much can happen when you open that door 'Social'. Anything in the society can and will be discussed through that avenue. There is no specificity and will inevitably be more generality.

However, Humans want a "Conclusion" out of any and all interactions. An ending that allows them to perceive at least for that day that they have learned something new, however slight.

There are many who are no longer seeking answers, because they don't believe any longer that they exist. They do. We'll find them all. I won't rest 'til we do.


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