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Words are strange. When you write, they have so much meaning. Later on, you re-read your own words and they seem hollow somehow. Devoid of what it was that made you write them.

It's okay. It's perfectly ok. Because the important thing isn't the words at all, but what I experience when I write them. What you experience when you read them, Dear Reader.

Maybe... That's how I'll eventually get over the responses I get from people Internet-wide. People have often called me 'Captain Obvious' for what I wrote.

Does it matter if it's obvious to you? Maybe it isn't to someone else...someone who would benefit. Does it matter if it's obvious to you, to me? That's the real question...

I believe that nothing is too obvious, and that such is consistently ignored until it's forgotten. What does it serve to tell someone they are being too obvious? It doesn't grant you anything, or make you learn anything. In essence, all it is is pointlessly mocking someone else's word and there-by the experience that they were attempting to have and create for others to witness.

By telling people they are being too obvious, the effect is you are telling them to shut up and stop talking. To get out of the internet because they don't belong here anyways. If not the Internet? ...Where?

While out in the real world, people go through the same exact things. The same exact pains. Your insults aren't new, they aren't intelligent, and all you get off of them is a temporary ego boost until you need to tell someone else that they're an idiot too. Until the only person left in the room is you. Until the idiots you've ostracized are stuck in a room alone too.

I don't want to disconnect.

"I don't want to go offline, but what else should I do? With a broken heart, I pray to God, I can orbit close to you."

I wanted to be cool and go out with a song line. But that just leads me into the real heart of the post. The fact that lately I've just felt so un-able to connect. I've been apart from everyone. Keeping every single word locked deep and tight in my heart. I know I'm not the only one. I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE.

I don't want us (HUMANS) to keep having to do this. I don't think this is what the Internet is for AT ALL. It's not for the Darkest Logics to keep ruling over the Lighter Hearts. It's not for anyone to say that someone else's words are futile. It's not for anyone to assume that they understand the meaning of it all and deem it useless.

I know we're living in hard times in this world. I know what's coming. I know all of that. Despite that, even if my insides are the darkest black... I will keep shining on the outside. I am of the Balance. I want to see Synchronicity of the twain split asunder. There's a way through and there's a way out. I won't stop believing that no matter how far we go down.

I want to stand with someone. I want to stand with you. I DON'T WANT TO DISCONNECT....! So please... I'm begging you.. Don't tell me that it's futile. Don't tell me to be quiet. Don't tell me that it's too obvious when almost everyone I see has completely forgotten... How to open the heart?

They aren't just words. They're moments in time. You were young once. You'll be old once. It's not too obvious to be worth saying. It's not! It's still worth it to talk! It's still worth it to be alive! It's still worth it to be YOU AND I. It's still worth it for us to be TOGETHER!

Even if my body aches with the weight of all my soul bears. Even if I feel tired just like all those who rail on about how empty and meaningless it is now. I won't be one to say it's over. It isn't over until the curtains close. It isn't over until this Universe has done all that it can!
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